The first floor of the building houses the gym with the latest Technogym equipment for training the entire body, with interactive screens offering a variety of training options.


You can relax in the two saunas, featuring hemlock wood structures with soft lighting, and enjoy numerous benefits for the body, with a deep anti-stress action.

Lower temperature and higher humidity than a traditional sauna guarantee a sense of well-being and extend the benefits of the treatment over a longer period of time. Also ideal for those unaccustomed to high temperatures.

This is the traditional dry sauna, a real panacea for the body thanks to exposure to high temperatures, purifying the skin, draining fluids and improving circulation.
An ice machine is available for guests to cool down or trigger a beneficial alternating hot/cold rush as they enter the saunas.

Emotional showers

A multi-sensory path in which water and colours work together to transform negative emotions into a positive feeling of well-being and serenity.
An indulgent experience that relieves tension and energises a weary mind.

Solarium with outdoor hot tub

Completing the wellness area on the first floor is a large terrace with an outdoor hot tub, ideal for enjoying the beneficial effects of fresh air and sunshine in combination with water. Thanks to the removable covers, the hot tub can be accessed in any season.

Relax on the comfortable loungers by the pool or enjoy the pleasant massage effect of the air jets, combined with the chromotherapy effects of the hot tub. All in absolute privacy, protected from any disturbing elements.


Indoor jacuzzi

The ground floor hosts a large indoor jacuzzi with a very pleasant bubble effect and massage seats featuring air jets that go to work directly to relieve tension in the back. Rivulets of water flowing over the natural stone wall contribute to physical and mental relaxation.

Herbal tea corner and relaxation area

Proper hydration of the body and recovery of the liquids lost in the sauna are essential to fully enjoy your moment of wellness. This is why we have equipped a cosy, intimate corner of our SPA with infusions, herbal teas, nuts and dried fruit, which are always at your disposal. Comfortable sofas, chromatic effects and the textural surface effect of the crumpled, silver metal wall complete the relaxation corner.

Turkish bath

Our Turkish bath has an innovative ovoid shape. The interior seats, positioned in an elliptical arrangement, and the curved walls create an enveloping, cocooning effect.
A real indulgence that delivers a wealth of beneficial effects: it promotes circulation, thoroughly cleanses and purifies the skin, eliminates toxins and stimulates cell renewal. It also has an invigorating effect that helps combat stress.
An ancient steam bath that offers 90/100% humidity and a temperature of 45 degrees, giving you the chance to deep cleanse and relax thoroughly with typical Hammam rituals.

Massage room

An atmospheric space where you can relax between saunas, benefiting from wellness treatments performed by specialised professionals. Surrender to the expert hands of our staff, choosing from various massage formulas.

SPA Stream

Enjoy the incredible massage performed by water using an innovative jet massage system with varying pressures, directions and temperatures. Practised mainly on the back of the body, it exerts a simultaneously stimulating and relaxing action.
The service is available to book subject to payment of an extra charge.


Foot massage

Experience the benefits of a foot massage with our loop circuit that circles an atmospheric waterfall over a central pool made of stone. Walk on a pebble floor along which the water temperature alternates between hot and cold, accompanied by jets of water at different temperatures, to promote oxygenation of the feet and legs.
The soles of the feet are stimulated by the irregular shape of the pebbles, promoting blood circulation and strengthening the entire circulatory system.

Sensory room

Discover the room via a gentle descent that simulates the banks of a river or a small beach, surrounded by hanging artificial creepers.
Lean into the comfortable seats and let yourself be swept away on a visual, olfactory and acoustic journey with aromas, music and images projected all around you through the water.